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Why is my refrigerator leaking water?

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Refrigerator Repair Tips Refrigerator repair gets easy with appliance guru DIY tips for the maintenance of your refrigerator. Read below article and you will get the useful insights on refrigerator repair. The Common Problem This is a common problem in home refrigerators and it occurs mostly due to plugged up defrost drain opening or drain

How to clear a clogged drain pipe in a refrigerator?

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Featured Question in Refrigerator Repair How can I clear the drain hose for an automatic defrost system on a Kenmore fridge? Water accumulates in the small white drip tray below the opening in the freezer base but doesn’t drip down the black rubber pipe connected to the tray. Please help! Thanks. Refrigerator Repair Expert In

Fridge Not Cooling! Read this

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Fridge is the heart of your kitchen and your household depends on it. New or old you expect them to keep working efficiently for many years to come. For these expectations to come true your fridge needs care. It can last longer and keep your food cold if you follow refrigerator maintenance and operating tips. Here