Clean your Dryer – Prevent a Fire

It is necessary to maintain and properly inspect your dryer for home safety as it is a real threat if clothes dryer-vent catches fire. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 15,000 fires get ignited annually by clothes dryers. Reason? As you do laundry, debris and fur can gather up after a while in the vent. It results in the debris, which is still in the dryer, backing up into the dryer and creating a fire hazard. Below are a few tips to avoid the risk of dryer vent fire

Use only recommended ducting for your dryer

Before buying ducting for your appliance make sure to check its precise requirements. Before using the appliance check it yourself, if you can, or else have an appliance expert examine it to make sure it’s properly installed especially if you are moving into a rented home or apartment.

Wait! Clean the lint filter first

Don’t forget to clean your dryers lint filter before running a load of clothes. Yes, even if you are in a hurry. Experts say if you don’t clean lint from the filter it’s just as good as inviting danger. Read the complete report of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Call a professional regularly to clean your duct and dryer cabinet

Call an expert every six months or once a year depending your ducting and dryer’s setup. Don’t know how often to call a professional? Let a local dryer vent cleaning specialist determine it for you. Want a specialist in your area? Appliance-Guru offers dryer vent cleaning across Nassau County and Suffolk County in New York.

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