Dishwasher Care and Maintenance

How to Avoid Troubles of Plumbing, Drain and Dishwasher Disasters!

Modern appliances have made our lives easier and save us time and labor but probably none has done it better than kitchen dishwasher. We may not realize how important the dishwasher is when it is working fine but only get to know it when dishwasher goes on the fritz or is inefficient in cleaning. It affects our personal efficiency badly. Dishwasher repair is a small appliance repair but a few days without the dishwasher causes major inconvenience for us. By the way no one wants dirty dishpan hands!

But all this could be easily avoided with little care and proper usage. Reason being it is vital that you keep your dishwasher in good running condition. Maintenance and attention of dishwasher promise you years of comfort, excellent performance and energy-efficiency. Appliance-Guru offers quality services of dishwashers of all brands. Contact or call us now at (631) 517-4341.

General Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Dishwashers can avoid local appliance repair service with the below useful tips. (Note: Turn the power off of the dishwasher from the circuit-breaker box before doing any work on it)

Don’t Get Zapped

Dishwashers consume a lot of electricity as they have built-in water heaters and motors. For safety it is extremely important to have proper wiring and connections. All dishwashers should always be plugged into a grounded outlet or wired direct.  Moreover, the main socket must be suitable for bearing large load required by the dishwashers.

Make Sure Your Dishwasher is Leveled

If dishwashers are not level they could leak. Placing an air-bubble level along the edge inside will ensure that the dishwasher is level. Adjust the feet of the dishwasher or add a wedge to balance it correctly if its is not level.

 Check Gaskets for Cracks and Deterioration

When you close the door of the dishwasher there are rubber or plastic seals along the dishwasher door to provide a water-tight seal.Faulty gaskets cause water around it. Remove the gasket by unscrewing it or prying it out with a screwdriver if the gasket is faulty. Replacement gaskets are easily available at hardware stores or alternatively order one from the manufacturer. Before installing the new gasket, soak it in hot water to make it more flexible.

Check Sprayer Arm for Clogs

Sprayer arm has holes in it which can get clogged over time with food particles, mineral deposits and other debris. From time to time these small holes must be cleaned to ensure efficient working of the dishwasher. Soaking the sprayer arm in warm vinegar for a few hours periodically will loosen any obstacles. Then clean out each spray hole with an awl or a pipe cleaner.

Check and Clean Screens and Filters

Regularly clean the screen or filter of the dishwasher (at least every other week). The screen or filter is located above the food drain near the bottom of the dishwasher to stop any large food. Dishwashers owner manual has complete instructions on how to remove and clean the filter. The filter can damage other parts of the dishwasher it has holes in it. Also, inspect and clear out any food or debris that might be trapped in the food drain.

Invest in a Repair Kit

Notice any exposed metal, nicks or corrosion on your dish racks? These can cause rust and stains to dishes and dishwashers walls. Most hardware stores sell repair kits  that allow you to quickly mend worn or chipped plastic.

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