Recycle Your Laundry Detergent Bottle

Go Green is the lifeline for today and tomorrow. Many households and businesses has adopted this lifestyle and made it a routine to recycle newspapers, glass and aluminum cans. Recycled plastic is also used in most of the detergent and fabric softener bottles. Still, there is a lot more that could be done!

Recent reports of reveal that an average person produces 1.5 tons of solid waste per year and a little over 4 pounds of garbage per day. Astonishingly EPA approximates that around 75% of the waste Americans make is recyclable, of which only a mere 30% is recycled.

Recycling isn’t just throwing stuff into the recycle bin but it’s a little more thought provoking process.  So when you’re about to recycle your laundry detergent bottles remember the below things. Cleaning Institute Website suggests a few ideas and tips.

Consume till Last Drop

Don’t leave a drop in the bottle. Well you must be thinking its common sense but trust us it’s not. Most people do not consume the entire detergent bottle and throw it away. Get rid of it and pour it down the drain if the product is designed to be used with water.

Clean Before you Waste

Once you consume your detergent bottle and throwing in your waste bin, just make sure it’s clean. Rinse it out!

Put a Little More Effort

Identify the type of plastic by checking the code on the bottom of the bottle. This will tell you if the product is accepted by your recycling community.

Going Extra Mile for Recycle

Very few communities accept caps and pump spray tops. Check if yours does. You’ll most likely have to find another way to use them of have them disposed separately.

Additional Check

Check for any label removal requirements by your community. Though most communities’ rules allow you to leave labels on empty bottles but it’s always better to check.

Not a Difficult Job

Save space on the pickup truck. Flatten out or squash your bottles, if you can.


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