Why is my refrigerator leaking water?

Refrigerator Repair Tips

Refrigerator repair gets easy with appliance guru DIY tips for the maintenance of your refrigerator. Read below article and you will get the useful insights on refrigerator repair.

The Common Problem

This is a common problem in home refrigerators and it occurs mostly due to plugged up defrost drain opening or drain hose with ice or dirt. You can confirm it by looking at the drip pan. If the drip pan is bone dry, it’s a definite sign that the drain opening or drain hose is blocked. See where is it picking up the condensate in the refrigerator cabinet by tracing the drain hose back? Don’t leave any pieces and just clean up whatever comes your way.

On some models the problem could be the drain heater. You need to find a permanent solution for repeatedly freezing condensate drains. Whirlpool refrigerator and Kitchenaid refrigerator has this issue common in top-mount refrigerators. In some models of refrigerators including the mentioned ones the condensate drains frequently freezes over which makes the water run inside the refrigerator during defrost. If you are a DIY person – want to do it yourself –and have cleared the ice by opening the drain the bad news is that it will just re-appear in a few days. Don’t bang your head and call us at (631) 517-4341 to fix it up for you.

Science Behind Refrigerator Leakage Issues

Time to learn a bit! Compressor functions to condense the humid air inside the freezer onto the surface of the evaporator. This water buildup on the evaporator is called condensate. Over time this condensate will keep increasing on surface of the evaporator taking shape of a white fuzzy coating. The automatic defrost cycle periodically melts off this coating. To melt the condensate off the surface two things take place.

  1. The compressor turns off.
  2. A heater under the evaporator, called the defrost heater, fires up to dissolve the condensate.

When the condensate melts, it accumulates onto the drip pan under the evaporator. Here comes the problem. Water in the drip pan is not completely drained when the defrost cycle ends and the compressor starts running again and condensing the humid air onto the evaporator surface. This causes some of the water in the drip pan to freeze. This cyclic process continues and the frozen water keeps building up in the drip pan blocking the drain pipe. When defrost cycle melts the coating and the drain pipe is blocked, the water backs up and starts running into the lower compartment of the refrigerator.

Door Gaskets

Door gaskets could also be the reason for refrigerator leak. If they are worn out or not making proper contact with the cabinet it’s a sign that there is a need of refrigerator maintenance. That’s where all the water is coming from cooling down the outside humid air into liquid. No? Well you know, your fridge can’t make water!

We tried to give you a fair idea of some possible reasons of refrigerator leakage issues that can help you to figure out the solution and fix it! while your own appliance repair experts are available all around in long island, New York; just call us at +1(631)517-4341 and schedule a fix today.

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