The ultimate guide to finding out the best dryer repair near me

It’s extremely a headache to have your dryer out of order. If laundry hasn’t fulfilled your demand for washing and drying, then a broken dryer will add up to the problem. Well, every problem has a solution so; there is nothing to worry about.

This article is a complete guide to get the best dryer repair near me in Nassau County.  I have tried to encounter the most common issues regarding dryer with a suitable solution.

Most common dryer issues:

Following are common and frequently asked questions by the users’ about the performance of clothes dryer. Let’s confront them one by one.

Can lint cause a dryer to stop working?

Of course yes, dryer vent hose clogged with lint is not only harmful because it affects appliance’s functionality but also a fire hazard.

Blockage of vent hose restrict air in the tub and cause overheating that ultimately leads towards the explosion. Get the benefit of Appliance Guru effective Dryer Repair Services in Nassau County & Suffolk


Clean dryer’s vent hose properly after every 6 months or a year at least. Along with this, do not overload dryer tub to avoid a clog.

What if dryer do not dry clothes?

So, the next most frequent problem faced by the clients is that the dryer is not drying the clothes. It can b due to multiple causes.

The idea behind the process is, top and front loading dryers have a hot air vent hose at the back of the machine that supplies a hot air stream to facilitate the process of drying. Hire Appliance Guru Dryer Repair Services in Nassau County & Suffolk.

In case, if that hose is caked, blocked or clogged with lint or some metallic stuff got trapped in it, then it blocks the supply of hot air, as a consequence of this, dryer stop heating and drying the clothes properly.

To resolve this issue, it’s essential to clean vent hose properly. If this is not the issue, then consult a professional to get this problem resolved appropriately.

What causes a dryer to stop spinning?

A very common reason for this is breakage of the drive belt.  A drive belt wraps the entire dryer tub and initiates the process of spinning. Gradually, with immense use, this belt can break and stop dryer to spin.

To resolve this issue, empty the dryer, turn off the power supply and turn the tub by hand, if its revolving easily, then certainly it’s time to replace the drive belt.

The other cause can be malfunctioning of drum rollers. Most dryers have two drum roller on the rear side of the drum. on the other hand, there are washing machines with more than two drum rollers as well.

If each drum roller is spinning freely, it means your dryer is perfectly alright, but if any of them is worn out, then it’s going to overload the motor and ultimately machine will stop spinning.

Otherwise, there can be some issue with drum roller axel. Run dryer without a belt, if it’s working well, then axel is working well and you do not need to replace it. Replace the belt and dryer will start drying clothes effectively.

Why dryer is taking too long to dry?

It can be either due to blockage of hot vent hose with lint or malfunctioning of the blower wheel. The blower wheel is attached with a vent hose and blow air through the hose. If it gets block or stops working due to a quality issue or poor maintenance, then the dryer takes too long to dry clothes and clothes do not get dried properly as well.

Another cause can be a broken valve solenoid. This valve allows air flow through the blower wheeling leading to the hose.

In all of the cases, you need to consult a reliable service provider who can repair your dryer effectively.

Why Dryer’s breaker trip?

First of all, it completely depends upon the quality of the dryer you have purchased.  A good quality breaker will definitely pass the test of time while a week or poor quality breaker tends to trip easily under a little disruptive or stress condition.

Otherwise, this problem arises due to the melting of the heating element. The heating element facilitates the process of drying by providing hot air strokes.

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