Old Whirlpool Dishwasher Not Draining!

Remember those whirlpool dishwasher’s made years back with big old honking motors that shoved the water with pressure and blasted your dishes clean. DP940PWPQ2 is an example model number of these classic dishwashers which were also sold under the name Kenmore. Pity is they don’t make such models anymore. Now the dishwashers come with a separate pump and a baby wash motor.

However these old machines too needed repair and maintenance. However, the difference between those classic ones i.e. whirlpool dishwasher’s and the new baby ones is that the old ones were usually quite simple and low cost to repair like the one we’re about to see here.

Most common problem with these old sea horses, whirlpool dishwasher’s was that they won’t drain the dirty water out of the basin. Following things show that there a problem with the washer drain;

  • Dirty dishes at the end of wash cycle
  • Wash cycle ends but dirty water is still in the basin
  • Dirty water will not pump out of the basin

It’s an easy problem to fix and usually doesn’t require any parts given you do it correctly. Have a look at this video to learn how to drain the whirlpool dishwasher yourself.

Sometimes you’ll see weird stuff stuck in the check valves. You may find

If you still feel you cannot do it all on your own then call at (631) 517-4341 and allow an Appliance-Guru dishwasher repair expert to fix it for you.

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